Rivers Casino Busted for Allowing Underage Blackjack Player

Rivers Casino Busted for Enabling Underage Blackjack Player

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Rivers Casino Philadelphia was fined $12,500 for enabling an underage player to get on their floor and play blackjack after high girlfriend ratted him out to casino safety.

The 20-year-old player got by way of casino security without having presenting an ID and then made his way to the higher-stakes area, where he purchased $1,650 in chips from the table and played for about an hour. His play would have continued, but the bettor’s girlfriend turned him in. When confronted by police, the gambler admitted to being underage. He was provided a ticket and banned from the casino. He was also in possession of a fake ID that had his age at 31. The incident occurred on September 19th, 2020.

Rivers Casino Philadelphia (formerly SugarHouse) has been fined 4 times given that 2016 for enabling underage gambling. The organization recently had a hearing on the matter of renewing its gaming license, and it is completely possible that the group’s history of permitting underage gambling was a matter of contention.

There currently isn’t any info as to whether the player was up or down in his play and regardless of whether or not the illicitly-obtained chips have been refunded to him.

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