Blackjack Trainer – What is the Best Blackjack Trainer to Learn Before You Spend Real Money?

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Blackjack Trainer – What is the Best Blackjack Trainer to Learn Before You Spend Real Money?

Blackjack Trainer has been launched by Hornet Apps a company that claims to have made many useful apps. This one is especially meant to teach newbies the tricks of the trade. As one might expect, the Blackjack Trainer app costs nothing to download. However, there is a limitation of how much one can play for free. There are two versions available: Free Trial and Regular.

The free version of the blackjack strategy trainer offers basic blackjack rules and techniques. It enables the player to get an idea of the game without having to risk any real money. In the blackjack strategy trainer, the player will learn about the various ways to play and win. They also learn the different types of bets that they can make using real money or even using their cell phones. There are also several methods in which one can win in the game such as Omaha, straight draws, four cards and other such tricks.

The Regular version of the blackjack trainer costs $1.99 on the Google Play Store. With this version, one can practice using the many methods and strategies offered. These include the following: The Slots, Parlay, Draws, Bankroll management, and The Pocket Method. Apart from this, the player can also play the blackjack against a dealer, which helps them practice and familiarize themselves with the entire table game.

Both versions of the blackjack strategy trainer offer free games. The player can opt for the free games to practice and familiarize themselves with the different methods of playing the blackjack for which they need real money. However, they cannot actually win any money in these free games. This means that the player cannot make any profits nor win any money using the blackjack strategy trainer. This is why it is important for beginners to familiarize themselves first with the online blackjack before choosing to spend money on the real money games.

The second type of blackjack trainer is the blackjack card counting software. This type of software is similar to the basic strategy guides that teach players about the basic strategy of playing blackjack by counting cards. However, this software comes with a twist. It offers players real cash rewards just for playing blackjack using this tool.

Finally, another blackjack trainer is a strategy guide. These guides, if bought, teach players all about the strategies that they need to use while playing. However, unlike the blackjack card counting software, these strategies do not come with cash rewards. Hence, the money earned through these strategies can be used to buy additional real money chips.