How Do Blackjack Guidelines in Finland Differ from Elsewhere?

How Do Blackjack Guidelines in Finland Differ from Elsewhere?

Blackjack in Finland

Blackjack in Finland

By Lucas Wilson

Blackjack remains one particular of the most well-liked card games in the globe, with the same basic rules followed in most countries where it is played. But, the instance of Finland shows us that there are nonetheless some special techniques of playing the game.

Reside Blackjack Guidelines in Finland

Playing in a land casino or other physical place in Finland or Sweden for the first time can bring a surprise or two, as the reside blackjack rules right here are set by the authorities. While the general aim of the game is nonetheless to attempt and get a better hand than the dealer with out going over 21, the distinctive rules make it much more difficult to do this.

The game is played with six decks of cards and the dealer does not give themselves their second card till the players have concluded the actions on their hands. Players can double down on 9, ten, or 11 and can split hands but cannot surrender.

In this version of blackjack, the dealer has to stand on all 17s. You can’t double down following a split in Finland, although reports confirm that you can do this in the version of the game played in Sweden, exactly where the rules are related but differ slightly.

On the web Blackjack in Finland

Fortunately there is an alternative, as the kind of on-line casino in Finland delivers now don’t have to stick to these live blackjack guidelines and makes use of more common guidelines. If you choose to stick with the reside card game encounter, you can attempt reside dealer blackjack, with baccarat and roulette among the other games where a human dealer appears on the screen.

This indicates that Finnish players can choose from a wide range of blackjack variants that use the far more traditional guidelines and decrease home edge that we are utilised to seeing in other countries. Every game has its personal rules listed on the web site for you to read via and realize before placing your first bet.


The guidelines we have looked at so far are all pretty regular and there is nothing to result in too a lot surprise to anyone who has played blackjack ahead of. Nevertheless, there is one particular significant rule that affects your possibilities of winning funds in a land-based game.

This is due to the fact you shed if you get the exact same total on your cards as the dealer and they add up to 17, 18, or 19. Normally, this sort of tie would outcome in a push and you would get your money back, but in Finland, you shed outright. If you tie on 20 or 21, it benefits in a push. 

Some sources suggest that this rule change increases the residence edge of blackjack to anything close to 9%. Considering that this is generally one particular of the casino games with the lowest home edge, there is no doubt that the Finnish rules could be off-placing for anyone who is utilised to playing with other guidelines.

It is easy to get began as the game-play is extremely equivalent to the Finnish style, but the truth that you don’t drop on specific tied hands aids to improve your chances of winning. This indicates that the home edge drops back down to the sort of level players from other nations are utilized to seeing.

The way that on the web casinos now offer various versions of blackjack with guidelines that are far more helpful to the player need to guarantee that this timeless card game becomes even more well-known in Finland.

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Photo Credit: Blackjack by Erik Hersman


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