Blackjack Tips for Beginners

Finding free blackjack tips online is like finding a treasure in the middle of a desert landscape – there will be plenty of rocks and dried branches just waiting to trip you up. The internet is filled with great articles, tips, tricks and systems that claim to be the best blackjack strategy or system but most of them are just scams aimed at getting your money for nothing. If you want to be successful at blackjack, then you have to be willing to put in hard work, a bit of research and a lot of practice.

blackjack tips

A good way to start is by studying common hands: the Omaha and Texas Hold’em, the Card Counting and the No-Limit Hold’em. The way these hold em games are played, there are many variable factors that come into play such as the starting hand, the flop and the river card values. These are only three of the many blackjack tips that can help you, but there are many more that can be implemented once you learn how to read the cards and find opportunities where other players have been hit with bad cards. Here are three top blackjack tips, and 3 worst blackjack mistakes to never make.

Blackjack players are very sensitive about their pocket cards because if a player wins two cards from aces, they will quickly fold because it means they have lost half their money. The reason for this is because an Ace-King combination is not a big deal and because it is rare that you will see the Ace-King combination in a blackjack game. Therefore, when playing against weak opponents, you should make sure to get rid of their Ace-King pairs by carefully laying out your cards and counting cards. Remember that it is not the number of cards you show, but the quality of the cards that really matters. Following these basic strategy will help you win more pots and reduce your casino cashline.

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